Outreach Release Notes

Storyline’s new Outreach feature allows for on-demand episode generation, providing the most flexible way to utilize episodes for daily 1:1 sales and customer support outreach. Here are the steps to utilize Outreach episode.

1. Click into “Episodes” from the main menu

2. Click on the edit option to the right of the episode row for the episode you would like to enable to use within Outreach.

3. Select “Enable for Outreach”

4. Click into “Outreach” from the main menu

5. Click “Create New”

6. Name the Outreach campaign

7. Select the episode type

8. Input the required parameters (ie. customer ID)

9. Click Generate. Once generated, you can preview the episode.

10. In order to share, you can click on the link icon at the top of the screen and use that link to send the episode to the intended recipient.

In order to monitor engagement of outreach episodes, you will be able to monitor those in aggregate on the dashboard within the storyline portal, as well as by individual outreach on the first page of the Outreach section.

For questions about Outreach or to provide additional feedback, please email support@storyline.com.

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