Engagement Reporting Notes

Storyline’s new Engagement Reporting provides real-time metrics on episode engagement. In the top right corner of the Engagement Reporting users can filter by 3-12 month trailing time periods, which will update the graph and metrics presented.  Here are some key definitions of the metrics:

1. Total Engagements – Number of times an episode has been viewed

2. Unique Engagements – Number of unique episodes have been viewed at least once.

3. Generated Episodes – Number of unique episodes that have been successfully generated based on one or more parameters.

4. Engagement Rate – Unique Engagements divided by Generated Episodes

Engagement reporting is presented across the following aggregation levels:

1. Organization level – Engagements across all the episodes

2. Campaign level – Engagements within one or more Campaigns 

3. Outreach level – Engagements within one or more Outreach epissodes

4. User level – Engagements associated with a user’s generated episodes

5. Episode level – Engagements of a specific episode

For questions about Engagement Reporting or to provide additional feedback, please email support@storyline.com.

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